Do you take custom orders?

Not at the moment! We will let you know when that changes.

Can I use your pots as planters?

Of course! They were first and foremost created for plants! The Tsubaki have now drainage holes in them but the Heihō and Shobu pots doesn’t so you can use them for more than planters. If you want to customize your pots with drainage holes just let us know in the comment section at the checkout! 

Are your pots and plates food safe?

We do use food safe resin that is certified by the FDA to seal the inside of our pots and ashtrays. We use a food safe sealant for our plates. While our concrete homewares are made for decorative use, they are suitable for dry foods. To clean, wipe with a warm, damp cloth. Do not place in oven, microwave or dishwasher. *Do not submerge in water in any way. Concrete is a porous material that doesn't react well with too much water.

How do I take care of my Uekibachi?

Concrete is a material that needs some care over the years to keep the colors bright and pretty. If you wash your piece regularly, it is suggested that you coat it with wax once a month to help the colors stay vivid.

Tips and tricks for our Seisei incense burners:

Cut down the tip of the incense stick (the part without incense) so you have more control of where you want the ashes to fall!

I want to shop on your site but it seems like I can't buy anything...what's happening?

That means there's a market coming and we closed the online store until then! We usually close 2-3 weeks before a market, the time we make our inventory for the event. Go check on our EVENTS page to see if we end up close to you and come shop in person!

I love your stuff and want to sell It in my store! Is that possible?

Thank you for your interest in our creations! Please fill in this CONTACT FORM and tell us more about your store, including where you are located with links to your website and social media accounts. We will get back to you shortly :)