One of a kind goods for your home.

Even though Uekibachi literally means flowerpot in Japanese, our designs are meant to be used creatively and are handy in any living or working space. 

Every piece is proudly made by hand in Montreal by Fanny Scott and, as such, is completely unique. 

At Uekibachi, we celebrate the natural imperfections in our mixed media creations. 

Our style is constantly evolving because we love to experiment with shapes, colours and materials and explore new techniques. 

Our mission is to create practical artwork for those who love big style statements as well as of those who prefer smaller but still valuable items.

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Hi! My name is Fanny Scott and I'm the founder and creator behind Uekibachi. 

I'm a designer/maker/dreamer from Montreal, Canada. 

I'm proud to say that I'm a one woman show and run everything myself.

I have a background in visual arts, photography and makeup artistry.

I also studied sculpting and mold making in Los Angeles.

I merged all my acquired knowledge together to create something of my own.

Welcome into my world!

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At Uekibachi we pride in making everything by hand from start to finish.

We make most of our silicone molds ourselves so it makes our creations that much more unique.

Our pieces are mostly made out of concrete composite.

Our creations are treated and polished for more than 14 days before being ready to leave for their new homes.